Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Heavenly pleasure

Image courtesy: Gel Poetry Garden

What I got
What I tried to get
What you gave
What you're desperate to give
Just feel the difference
Between my desire
And your stubbornness.
Just feel the intensity of pain
I'm surrounded
By the desolation
Immersing in me
With cosmic rays.
Come and turn it
Into heavenly pleasure.

Dr. Ashutosh

The dear departed

Death of a dead person
Is never for cry,
It's a release of grief
One day I'll kill myself
For the mistakes
Made by me
In the madness of your love.
Save me
If you can
And let me realize
Beginning of all good,
Hope is for worth.

Dr. Ashutosh

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

As the day begins

Pic credit: Patricia Picardi

Pale bright sky
Early knock of morning
Who is to talk to
Earth kneels down
For immortal kiss
On own crust....
As the day begins
Only there is a cock
For rock
It melts the heart
All of us get up
To share his loneliness
To open a new page
As the day begins.

Dr. Ashutosh


The life's best song is 
Solo song.
I perch for hope
And I recite it,
At my vespers nine.
With my crossbow
I shot the memory
Of bothering time.
My past
Seems to me
A tyrannous foe,
Being a loon
Pursue it
And chop
Through the swords 
Hidden against.

Dr. Ashutosh

Friday, 6 July 2018

My memories

Falling tears from my eyes,
Never realise?
Smiling wind,
Singing sky, and
Laughing earth
With undiscovered planets
Stop to smile, sing and laugh
All are feeling
Every del of pain.
There was many
Golden memories ago
To fill me with joy
But unable to grasp.
It fades in pain.

Dr. Ashutosh

Image copyright: Rasma Raisters

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Nothing except you.

I'm a living testimony
Of endless harmony
But I know better
The course of true love
Never did run smooth.
Yet I want to share 
My sincerity with you.
The journey of our love
Has no start, no end.
My eyes recognize
To you only,
You're perfect
Everything is unjust.

Dr. Ashutosh

Message to life

Twirling drop of water
Vaporised from ocean
On the palm of happiness
Is giving a message
Of long way to live.

Ardent smile of life
Is a signature
On the bosom of joy
To decant tears
From the womb of expectations.

Dr. Ashutosh
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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Romance needs to feed

Picture: Patricia Picardi

The unshaped structure
Of loneliness
Is going to be giant
Looking a path
At the farthermost point
Across the fabricated past.
But I'm in the romance
With the terrace
On which
My pain wanders
Towards the open sky,
Feelings are fed up
Your love is nowhere
To feed its.

Dr. Ashutosh

My accumulate courage

I'm restless
Late hours of working
Nails me,
Agony hugs me
In busy days.
Flapping papers on my table
Tease me every time
But I can't accumulate courage
Of fixing a paper-weight,
Haphazard way of work is on peak
Work place as well as home
Seek more attention
Than earlier.
I'm experiencing myself
An aged person
While getting greybeard
Of course miles to cover
And times to live.

Dr. Ashutosh

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Waves are coming out

Watching the widespread sea
Filling with ecstasy
For the gratitude
What I deserve
And how much I got
Even a single breathe is thankful
Swirling in my body
Like waves are rolling
Into deep of my senses
Coming out strongly
From the sea
To drench me thoroughly.

Dr. Ashutosh

Image: Rasma Raister

For the sake of

There is no fellow
In the firmament
I was constant climber
And still wish
To remain
For the resting life
Now underneath
The shadow of tall tree
Lying on this little measure
Want to pray to others
To change their minds
For the sake of dignities.

Dr. Ashutosh

Image credit: Lucio Wanderley Wand

Wednesday, 13 June 2018


I never hate mud 
When it rains
Use to play with it
In cloudy weather
When rain tickles
It sounds melodious
Vaporizes pain
Tears trickle
I swallow every drop
And feel enthusiasm
Of rain
In sight seeing
As well inside 
Of my heart.

Dr. Ashutosh

The place is gifted

A place
Far from war and peace
No taste of butter and cheese
Lives in the lap of nature
What a beautiful signature
Forgets the noise of Tames here
Crowd of London bridge touches never
Exterior from wall of heart
Interior into vacuum
The place is gifted 
Never think wealthy or cheap
Time with it always creeps
Seems likely remembrance of past
Findings of our memory at last.

Dr. Ashutosh

Pic Credit: Patricia Picardi