Monday, 31 December 2018

Hope of begining

There is no room
For dying soul
Only few canter of memories
No haven for praise
But soulful hymns
Everything perishes
I'm forced to drag myself
In the transitional phase
Nothing else
But the magical number
Of two zero one nine
On the calendar only.

Dr. Ashutosh

Saturday, 15 December 2018

What I'm

I'm nothing
But a stone of mile
Showing what left behind
And where to go next
My every stance is
To clatter the wings of time.
I never sit on spongy surface
How can I allow myself
To take rest before destiny
Every color of hard work
Is in my quiver
I wake up before morning
Starts to move
Without caring the shiny stars
People speak on my silence
Because I'm carved
As their milestone.

Dr. Ashutosh

Saturday, 27 October 2018


PC: Google

When the loneliness cried
I buried my wishes deep
To face the lonely night,
Put the joy off
Lulled by verses inside.

Dr. Ashutosh

May I go through

PC: Patricia Picardi

...After a long walk
of tiredness,
I kept stand myself
with an alignment of piers.
Nothing was there
to remember
about the journey
of so-called past
except to see
the effect of co-linear.
Three among of these
can never make
a triangle...
May I go through..
a life,
without a circle
without a triangle..
only an open curve!

Dr. Ashutosh

Saturday, 6 October 2018


My poor time
Is distorting me,
Mirror is showing me defaced,
Tumults are looking bright,
Sneer is not in command
Nothing is here
To soak the pain
And I'm seeking
Radiance in dripping eyes;
Want to gain
Rejoice and rearrangement
In my scattered life...

Dr. Ashutosh

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Happy ideas...

Picture: Joaquin Lourido sir.

Floating voice of time
Through the water
Is conveying
Impersonal experience,
The terrible speed,
Freeze punishment,
And handful pleasure,
A happy idea to fasten
The pace of hasten
To regain the natural smile.
I collected few happy ideas
I still promise
To come back
With the garnishing
Of happy ideas.

Dr. Ashutosh


You make feel
A selfish, creepy me
I crave
The presence of you
Like a radiating light
Which mends the trots
A familiar tingling
Is present around
To stimulate
To ignite
To create storm inside.

Dr. Ashutosh

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Colourful sight!

Picture: Gel Poetry Garden
Blue sky
Snowy mountain
Green earth
Who smiles on whom?
Yellow warm covering
Is desperate to hug.
Day is absolutely mine
Night is yours
To bloom!
Dancing soul
Beyond the body
Is looking everything
Having insight
With in zoom.

Dr. Ashutosh

Long wait..

Who loves summer
But Aye (I)
Which follows rain
Winter crashes it smoothly
And makes the north
Misty foggy and chill.
Goodbye to summer
And butterflies.
A long wait of
Sun's blessing
Who can deny..

Dr. Ashutosh

Friday, 14 September 2018

Blank spirit

Pic: Google
Throbbing pain burns in the vein
With the eruption of emotional tears
Looking like crimson red as a wave
Seeking for togetherness
Yet I wish to be alone
Having a mind of tumultuous turmoil
My endless thoughts in down head
Blanked my spirit
I totally torn
To get back strength of blood.

Dr. Ashutosh

...Like a vagabond

Pic: Patricia Picardi
If I could be a vagabond
Like them at all
Valleys, hills, lakes
Would host me,
Stretch myself
Against the bay
Beneath the trees
Dance, sing and play,
Try to catch the breeze
Feel drowsy
Lie down calm,
Get up again
Eat and yawn,
Roam around the place
Without a penny
No worry to set
My wrist watch.

Dr. Ashutosh